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Travelling Irrigator

  • Agricultural

Travelling irrigators are perfect for your agricultural application if you have small crops, nurseries and/or turf farms. We stock a range of different travelling irrigators from brands like Rodney Industries, whose travelling irrigators are Australian designed and manufactureda and have a heavy duty design. We also have products from other brands like Toro and Philmac.

No matter what you’re watering in your agricultural application, we’ll have the solution for you. Visit us in store at Think Water Whitsunday where we can design, supply and install a travelling irrigator system for you.

“Thinking of your next project?”

Our owner-managers have worked for many years in the industry and employ qualified design staff to ensure you receive the solution that best suits your requirements.
Our dedicated team will help you choose the product you require and arrange for it to be installed.
We provide quality products from leading national and international manufactures and suppliers.
With fully trained workshop personnel and field service teams, we can provide after-sales support if you require service and maintenance.